10 Must Have Fashion Accessories!


10 Must Have Accessories!!

       When it comes to fashion accessories, I’ve notice some women only shop for them when there’s a NEED!  For instance, she’ll only purchase some new accessories for an up and coming date, vacation, wedding, or even brunch with the girls. The problem she often experience is she cannot find that eye catching piece she NEED/WANTS!

       In this must have accessory blog, I’ve listed the 10 MUST have fashion accessories for the women who don’t have an accessory starter kit. My goal is to help women eliminate that last minute shopping hassle for accessories when in NEED!

       This blog is created strictly for women who do not have sensitive skin to artificial metals, who do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on jewelry, and those that need a starter kit. Keep in mind, fashion accessories are just like the fashion apparel lines. As women we were all taught to always have a black blazer, white collar shirt; black slacks & a pair of black shoes in our closet at all times. Well those same principles apply to fashion accessories too!


Here we go ladies,

  1. Everyday Earrings

            We all need a good pair for EVERYDAY wear. We need a pair that we can wear to work, and after work. Or just to run errands in on weekends.  I’m sorry, but we are ladies, we put on earrings, lipstick or lip gloss NO chap-stick under no circumstances!!!!!! Then we add our cute hand bag, favorite smelling fragrance, and off to go ready & fabulous. The everyday pair of earrings are pretty much any metal color of your choice, they have some small detail to them, that will spark some conversation from the “you never know who you’ll run into” which is why we always leave our house fabulous.


#2. Statement Earrings 

You need a pair of STATEMENT earrings. Preferably, shining, lots of crystal; rhinestones; or Swarovski stones, your choice! You need some bling girlfriend! These will be your go-to for weddings; birthday dinners/special events, even some dates (you know the ones we really like lol, yes spouses included, hell we don’t like them all the time lol) but ladies, you do need them in your collections. They are a must have!


#3. Stud Earrings

            Having a pair of stud earrings creates many universal looks. They’re great for when you just want a simplicity style day, or just want to feel feminine with a low-key look. Studs can be dressed up in your favorite work attire or dressed down in your comfy ripped jeans and boyfriend t-shirt. Studs are also great for the earlobes as well due to their weightless.


#4. Hoop Earrings 

Hoop earrings are one of the oldest accessories in human existence. Hoop earrings has so much history in them. For example, they worn by Kings & Queens during the 2500 B.C.E era. They wore them to glorify their status of power & social stature. Let’s fast forward to the 21st century where they now dignify strength and unity amongst women of all ages; social status; economic status; & race.

Hoop earrings are great for up do hair styles; the pulled back ponytail with a nice blazer and collar shirt. Hoop earrings come in a wide variety of styles & sizes to have more flexibility with styling. Hoop earring can also be dressed up/down. Can be worn for majority of all occasions as well.  


#5. Pearls

Peals also have some long history with us as well. Pearls are the World’s oldest gemstone to ever exist. Pearls are considered classy; elegant; rich; & chic. Majority of us style our pearls in all black when attending funerals; we wear them with our favorite pastel colors for a Sunday brunch after Sunday services. Even for job interviews. Pearls are very special. Pearls has become very fashionable, but they are in their own avenue as well. When we have our pearls on, we even feel different and smile more lol.  The funny part is majority of us are wearing the faux pearls lol. Image if we got some real ones as a gift? That’s a different conversation though lol.

#6. Black Sunglasses

            I’m sure your wondering why “black” like I love my aviators though, right? Well black sunglasses are year round. And much needed if you’re in a state that receives all four seasons. When fall start through winter season, that’s when Earth is actually the closest to the sun, which gives off that beautiful ray of bright sunlight we love and hate. But the black are great for vision during those bright sunny days, plus they’re sexy. Like who does not look sexy in a pair of jet black sunglasses? They great for all face structures compared aviators which are not, due to their wire frame The average pair of black frames are plastic which can fit most faces and can be adjusted by using a frame heater or running them in hot water for a few minutes or till they loosening for you to use your bare hands to adjust them. Black frames are sure to

make your face stand out, no matter your skin tone color nor hair color, BLACK is powerful and sexy.


#7. Scarfs

            Scarfs are a great essential. They not only keep us stylish & warm, but they have multiple use as well. They are great for adding over our coats for warmth; stylish inside our fashion blazers for style; or great over a sweater or t-shirt. Yes, we wear light weight scarfs over our t-shirts. Plus, they’re over 50+ ways to wear/tie a scarf to create more style and contrast for your looks. I even use my scarf in airports for warmth at times, lol. I prefer a large wide scarf for more options to create a variety of looks. I also make a stylish head wrap when hair appointment needs to be pushed up. Which we all hate, especially if we have already taken down our hair, or our hairstylist running overtime with her previous client. Or when you can’t get an appointment when needed, or just don’t feel like doing your hair, just lay your hair down and wrap the scarf around it and you’re ready to conquer your day in confidence and style. 

#8. Tortoise

Tortoise is a MUST! Because of its shade tones of black & brown, those color combinations work very well together with any hair/skin tone color. The colors are great for creating a color block look in addition. Whether you’re wearing your spring neon’s; summers bright colors, or autumn colors, Tortoise will compliment your look even if you want to be low-key or stand out, tortoise is a must to your wardrobe essentials.


#9. Chunky Necklace

            It does not matter if you’re an earring kinda of girl, or prefer a good old sparkly bracelet, YOU NEED A CHUNKY STATEMENT LINK NECKLACE!!!! Thick necklaces are great for basically all neckline tops. You can add them over your long fabulous dress; under your blazer; over your collar shirt for work, or just over a plain white tee! Chunky necklace always makes noise when entering a room. If you like to turn heads make sure to add a chunky gorgeous necklace to your collection.


#10. Fedora Hat 

Oh my, if you don’t have Fedora in your closet on the shelf, may I please ask why??????? I don’t care if you have short hair, long hair, or just a bold head, a Fedora is a must have! Fedora’s bring so much drama, sophistications, style; and vogue to any look that’s paired with a fedora.


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