How to Accessorize & Recycle spring/summer Fashion into Fall!

How one turtle neck can change our wardrobe!

 This year 2020 will be a year that none of us will ever forget. I’m sure like many of you, when March came we all started planning all our outdoor summer festivities. Some of us even started pre-shopping the sale racks. We were ready for summertime. But unfortunate things didn’t work out the way we plan. Before we could blink, we were faced with a extreme lock down. We thought like many, it will only be a week or so, turned out to be our whole spring, and majority of our summer with lots of events canceled. We anticipated sunny days, outings with friends and family. But instead we turned to Zoom, which somehow lead many of us to massive online shopping. We needed an outlet to give ourselves hope. We shopped non-stop. Now like many of you, we actually didn’t get the spring/summer experience we hoped for. So now we have racked up a nice amount of clothing, gained extra weight 🙄 and can’t return the clothing. But guess what we can do, we can actually transfer those pieces like our “sun dresses, tennis skirts, short shorts, & jumpsuits” into fall 🙌🏿. Woohoo!

Here I will demonstrate how! 

 look #1, we took this gorgeous emerald green diamond cut around the collar bone jumper and paired a black turtle neck. Then to top the look off with some fabulous high polish silver accessories. We paired this look with our high polish double ball necklace and silver earrings to highlight the green over the black. The jumper in fact, is an ankle jumper. The jumper is pretty much above my ankles, which is why we added some jet black tights to the mix, and for warmth underneath.  Another option is you can substitute the jet tights for fishnet hosiery for a more fashionable look. And  add a black bomber leather jacket of your choice and your fall ready.

Look #2, the infamous sundress!  This look here we added that black turtleneck again, but this time we added our own matte gold ball link necklace, and a fedora. For warmth underneath again, add some thick black tights or even leggings. Some other options for accessories, instead of a necklace, add your favorite scarf to the look. For shoes, you can go with ankle booties or combat boots. Just depends on the style you’re going for.

Look #3, nothing like a good old tennis skirt with fancy tights! Now we might have gotten a bit extra by adding some short leather gloves with studs for a more rebellious look. What I love about the tennis skirt is its versatility. During the day while at work, you can add your favorite cardigan over the look, then after work, for happy hour, switch the tights for fishnet, replace the cardigan with a bomber waist leather jacket and your happy hour fabulous!

Look #4, add your favorite turtleneck to a pair of shorts, a poncho, & some sexy high heels, even thigh high boots! Here I used fancy tight, you can always use solid tights.

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